A Beach Hut In Brighton Or An Apartment In Antalya

It has always amazed me how many people dream of owning a beach hut in the UK. Think about it, the weather is unpredictable; the sea water is cold and grey and beach huts are tiny but very expensive.

If you buy a beach hut what do you gain? You’ll get a private place for popping on your swimsuit, a place to sit and drink tea when its raining, and a small storage place for newspaper and deckchair. Not much really but despite this beach huts in Brighton and Hove are still very popular, waiting lists and local residency sometimes apply.

The cost of a beach hut

At the cheap end of the scale a very average beach hut in Brighton will cost around 12,000 and you only get a lease for 20-25 years. It seems like a heavy investment for a shed thats only a few feet wide. But if that sounds expensive, youll be surprised to know that some people have paid a lot more. A luxury 2 floor beach hut with electric plumbing and sink can cost over 100,000, in 2010 one buyer paid an extraordinary 125,000 for an 18 foot, luxury beach hut in Mudeford.

Beach hut appeal

Perhaps one big appeal of the beach hut concept is that its alternative living and you can really let your imagination run wild. There are no rules as far as beach huts are concerned you can paint the yellow or pink, build a staircase entrance, have round windows. In fact when it comes to beach hut design you can specify every last detail choosing the interior fittings, spindles, railings and decks all to reflect your individual personality and sense of style. You can really theme a beach hut with beach hut mugs, beach hut toilet holders, cushions with coastal designs and the whole shebang, its true I have to admit setting up a beach hut must be an incredible amount of fun.

When you buy a beach house you also become part of a beach hut community and enter into a whole new subculture. Join beach hut associations and attend their annual general meetings where you can discuss a plethora of coastal issues, or chat to like minded hut owners on beach hut forums I suspect its a nice way to meet people and learn more about the coast, maybe even have a say about these kinds of issues.

Other beach options

Alternately, for just 52000 Euros you could buy a brand new apartment in the Turkish Riviera. The entry level price for a sixty square meter pad in Antalya in Turkey is a little more expensive than a shed on the beach, but theres no council waiting list and you dont have to be a resident to qualify. Europeans can take a 50% mortgage so thats an initial starting price of around 25,000 Euros and have yourself a home from home in the beautiful Turkish Riviera, theres also nothing to stop you renting out the property when the flat is free if that helps subsidize the costs.

Apartments in Turkey

When you buy an apartment in the Turkish Riviera, you wont be on the beach but you can get within a ten minute walk. With a new apartment in Turkey, you wont be able to paint the exterior bright pink and yellow, and fill it with Laura Ashley cushions and you wont be able to enter the best kept hut competition but you will have a bed, a shower, an oven and some furniture to deliberate over. More importantly youll have access to dozens of blue flag beaches in a climate thats so warm youll be happy to get up in the morning and make for the cool calm Mediterranean waters.

Why do it ?

In Antalya the beach will be hot and the sea will be aqua blue and so clear that the stones on the seabed will be visible to your eyes and the sky will be permanently blue above you. The swimming season wont be restricted to a few good weeks a year it will begin in mid-May and not finish until mid-December. The cost of traveling to your home will be a bit more expensive than catching First Capital Connect to Brighton but its a big adventure and a flight time of three and a half hours is not so bad.


The most ideal situation of course would be to have a beach hut in Brighton and a one bedroom apartment in the Turkish Riviera which might actually be possible. If you consider the waiting time to secure a beach hut in the UK could be at least two years that gives you ample time to get a deal in Turkey and enjoy some nice beach time there. Then if you still want something in the UK, just sell the Turkish apartment for a profit and use the earnings to buy yourself a lovely beach hut in Brighton. Youll need a bit of luck on the Turkish house sale of course but the house prices are very strong so it might actually be possible.