Planning A Bathroom Renovation

Owning a home is a big part of building a life. Homeowners work for years to afford their ideal home and make it their own. Although it’s nice to buy the perfect home straightaway, not everyone can afford to. Sometimes it takes a little extra work to make a home perfect. A few renovations can go a long way towards improving a home in both value and style. Making major changes can be quite a lot of work, so it’s best to start small and work towards bigger projects. Smaller rooms such as the bathroom are perfect for beginners. Just like any renovation, it’s important to start with a thorough plan. A little preparation will help everything move along a little smoother and make it easier to make sure everything comes together well.

When it comes to bathroom renovations it’s best to start with a detailed measurement of the entire room. Fixtures that may need to be moved will need to be carefully arranged in order to assure they don’t interfere with water pipes and electrical wires. Wires and other utilities that need to be moved should be done so carefully. If they do need to be moved a contractor may need to be called since the walls will most likely need to be penetrated. For those who don’t need to make major changes to the room, a local hardware store should be able to provide everything needed. A local retailer should be able to walk homeowners through the process from start to finish. However, choosing a perfect style is a different matter altogether.

When choosing the right colors for the bathroom it’s best to follow the sixty-thirty-ten rule. Sixty percent of the room should be the main color. This color will inspire the feeling that the homeowner has chosen. Thirty percent of the room should be the secondary color. This color will enhance the main color and bring out the features homeowners enjoy most. Ten percent of the room should be an accent color. This color will make the room pop and make the other colors brighter and more vibrant.